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A Chimp, a Congressional Rep/congressman/congresswoman/congressperson/congresscriter, and a Mirror. This is Hugo Rheinhold's famous 19th century sculpture of a politician's closest living relative, the common chimpanzee. The chimp is one of the few animals able to recognize itself in a mirror.Photo credit: Wikimedia/Jfderry/CC-BY-3
A Chimp, a Congressional Rep, and a Mirror

Election day photo: chimp art. (Or ... holding your Congressional Rep up to a mirror.) No, we didn't really buy...

How the Roman One Percent (1%) lived: pool at Getty Villa in Malibu, CA near our HQ. #water #statue #tree #trees #mountain #hill #blue Photo credit: (C) Acculation
Roman One Percent Lifestyle (Getty Villa Malibu photo)

Wondering how the ancient Roman one percent lived? This is our photo of the pool in the Getty Villa Roman-era...

This is the Hoag object, a non-typical ring galaxy. Carl Sagan #planetarysociety #carlsagan #scifi #sciencefiction #future #space Kardashev. Photo Credit: Wikimedia/Nasa/public domain
Type 3 civilization (Hoag object ring galaxy photo)

Continuing our earlier Carl Sagan civilization post, today's photo is Hoag's object, a non-typical ring galaxy. A type III civilization would,...

1656 satirical woodcut of a plague doctor, arguably using an early air purification mask. Image: Wikimedia/Creative Commons
Dr. Beak From Rome and the Black Plague, or why having a surgical mask might be handy

This 1656 woodcut (see photo) depicts the plague doctor "Dr. Beak from Rome" ("Doktor Schnabel von Rom"). His bird mask...