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CES Moneual Vacuum cleaner with iphone app and multiple dust sensors
Dust sensors, the latest CES vacuum cleaners, and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things comes to vacuum cleaners at CES The Internet of Things was big at CES this year so...

Ever wondered how many software engineers it takes to change a light bulb? This post gives you project management and software engineering analytics tools to answer that question. Pictured here is Thomas Edison's Menlo Park laboratory, where a major engineering project was needed to invent the lightbulb in the first place. Photo: Wikimedia/Andrew Balet/CC-BY-SA-2.5
Project management and software engineering analytics

Have you ever wondered, "how many software engineers does it take to change a lightbulb?" This post will give you...

Mathematics describe a traditional heart symbol while death dances in the background as the great ticker ticker unwinds. In this Halloween piece, we look at the predictive analytics surrounding your heart rate which, time after time, memento mori, eventually fades to memories. Are there some simple data science or predictive analytics things we can do to illustrate the underlying the limits on human lifespan? Can we use predictive analytics to figure out what technologies or behaviors might potentially hold the key to greatly extended human longevity? (And is greatly prolonged life even a socially desirable or feasible goal given the resource limits like limits on pension funds? Will the singularity or the super intelligence lead to technology that will make us immortal? And, can predictive analytics be used to predict the heart rate of a vampire?
Data science and limits on human lifespan (or … vampire heart rates)

Human longevity science has been in the news recently. According to a paper in Nature by Dong et al. (New York...

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