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DNA Not digitally preserved: T-rex with feathers. Jurassic Park won't happen because the half-life of DNA is too short. Photo credit: Wikimedia/Matt Martyniuk/CC-BY-SA-3
T-Rex DNA Not digitally preserved: Why Jurassic Park Will Never Happen

Not digitally preserved: T-rex with feathers. We got lucky with our last two photos: Mammoths were in the news big...

A critical look at Kurzweil'sTed Talk and alternate mathematical ideas on the singularity. We look at human and animal consciousness. Are magpies smarter than most mammals? Photo credit: Wikimedia/Flickr/Marcin Chady/CC-BY-2
Ray Kurzweil Ted Videos on Dinosaur Extinctions

Our of our most popular posts have touched on Ray Kurzweil themes of the Singularity as well as Ray Kurzweil's decades-old ideas on...

1662 Dutch masterpiece _The_Schoolmaster_ documents an early Western focus on literacy and basic education. Big Data Analytics together with data-backed metrics like the Social Progress Index prove that, economically, they knew what they were doing. Photo: Wikimedia/Public Domain/Adriaen van Ostade
Social Progress Index and Big Data Analytics: government by computer?

Data driven governance via metrics like the Social Progress Index? In his recent op-ed, NYT managing director and Pulitzer Prize-winner Nicholas...

Glitched version of Dutch masterpiece the 'schoolhouse' we update our earlier post on big data, Social Progress index, censorship, freedom, and world events with a Ted Talk.
Open societies, world literacy and censorship, Take 2

A couple things here. A while back we did several posts about the social progress index (with the original, unglitched Dutch masterpiece...