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Halloween post: Is this vampire conscious? Does this vampire have a reflection in a mirror? #horror #scary #fear #trickortreat #dark #blackandwhite #photo #terror #cinema Photo credit: 1920s publicity photo/Public domain in the U.S.
Consciousness: vampire mirror reflections?

Halloween photo: Is this classic silent film vampire conscious or not? Can he pass the mirror test of animal intelligence?...

Can big data or semantic text help against Ebola? Photo: US government researcher working with the Ebola virus while wearing a Biosafety level 4 positive pressure hazmat suit. Credit: Wikimedia/US Govt/Public Domain.
Ebola: Can big data or semantic text help?

"Many problems" in this case Yes it can. We'll get to to how big data or semantic meaning can help...

Google Glass Explorer Edition. Photo: WikiMedia/Flickr/Tedeytan/CC-BY-SA-2
Google Glass: Confessions of a New Cyborg

Google Glass, Cyborgs, and the Singularity Does Google Glass turn you into an awesome Terminator-like Cyborg with a web browser...

The Singularity is the point at which computer intelligence exceeds human intelligence, and the future course of humanity becomes more difficult to predict. Photo: Daniele Zedda/Flickr/CC-BY-2
Why the Singularity Might Not Happen: Predictive Apocalypse Analytics

Singularity or Apocalypse? We've mentioned the concept of the Singularity a few times in these pages, but it's not a...