Werner G. Krebs, Ph.D. is a speaker on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Careers, Management & Hiring

Werner G. Krebs, Ph.D.

Speaker Profile


Werner G. Krebs is a data scientist and software developer with a PhD from Yale University. Dr. Krebs has recruited and led teams of data engineers, scientists, and software developers at some of the world’s most selective institutions. He was worked in a data-related capacity for Bank of America, a top-five high-frequency trading hedge fund, a big data marketing analytics that advises 90% of Fortune 100 CMOs, a software company, and the San Diego Supercomputer Center. His experience interviewing candidates and building teams has brought him considerable media attention as a career and hiring expert. The social media properties of his start-up Acculation, Inc. were independently ranked in the top 1-5% of most influential global social media properties within a year of their launch, and blog articles on topics such as the super intelligence have gone rapidly viral, receiving tens of thousands of readers within days. He began programming in the BASIC computer language at age 7, and by seventh grade had scored in the top six out of 30,000 Chicago seventh grade students on a standardized test. Hired out of high school by a Nobel Laureate, his peer-reviewed academic papers, including papers on statistical inference, artificial intelligence and bioinformatics databases, have been cited thousands of times with hundreds of citations for individual papers. The statistical inference algorithm he published a decade ago, which used statistics applied to Smith-Waterman clusters to classify genes, is surprisingly similar to one of the core algorithms used by IBM Watson.
 Read more about Dr. Krebs here (official) and on Wikipedia (unofficial 3rd party bio).

Keynote speeches

1. Why are we afraid of the superintelligence?
2. Careers in Data Science (or what not to say at your interview)
3. High-ROI, high-impact social media
4. PM2.5 dust and why the Internet of Things will change your life

Media coverage

More than 16 press quotations and mentions since September 2013, including quotations in newspapers such as New York Daily News and the OC Register, major blogs such as Yahoo! Monster, the Verizon Solutionslab blog, Zintro consulting blog, and Engineerjobs. For complete list post-2013, visit here. Dozens of press mentions prior to 2013, including international press in many languages. For complete pre-2013 list, visit here.

Speaking Highlights

Award for top ten lecture at CSB 2003 at Stanford University. Audience size: hundreds to thousands. Award for one of best lectures at Yale Graduate Research Symposium in 2000 (audience size hundreds). Honorariams paid by National Institutes for Health (NIH) in 2001 (audience size dozens) and Connecticut College in 2000 (audience size hundreds). Has given invited talks at the request of multiple Noble Laureates. First on- stage public appearance age six at a major venue.

Made internal company training videos (2013; 5+ hours) for a major marketing consulting firm.

Los Angeles, CA area (2015): “Why are we afraid of the superintelligence?”, (details pending).

Los Angeles, CA area(2013): “Data Science Careers” before local colleges. (See this Forbes article on why this career path is so hot right now.)

More than 20 invited talks at prominent institutions since 2000; see full list here.


“Werner is dedicated and thorough, with excellent technical capabilities. He ensured project deadlines were met and systematically uncovered and resolved implementation challenges. Great asset to the team!” — Judith Breisch

“Understand[s] … the impact … of sales and marketing for a start-up. [P]ointed key issues and solutions to address them at my stage.” — Yrina Janvier, Montreal, Canada

“Werner is among the most facile and knowledgeable experts in databases you could ever find. His encyclopedic knowledge and understanding of a wide variety of business fields including startups, the financial services industry and new technologies are especially unique…. If he says he can do something, he can.” — Michael Austin, Los Angeles, CA

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Videos of Talks

Adapted from a live talk originally to undergraduates on data science careers:

Links to additional video clips available on request.


Dr. Krebs has hundreds of publications. Select academic and general publications can be found at the links above. His peer-reviewed academic papers, including papers on statistical inference, artificial intelligence and bioinformatics databases, have been cited thousands of times with hundreds of citations for individual papers. His popular articles on the superintelligence have quickly gone viral.