Acculation Experimental Business Advice Chatbot

This experimental free bot has been programmed with a small sample of the advice found in the complete Acculation business advice library, available through this free video tool. For those of you the can’t wait to get a video response to your business questions, now you can see a demonstration of chatbox technology and get even faster business advice. (Of course, the free video tool goes far beyond this capabilities.)



Simply click the green chat pop-up box below at the bottom-right to get started.


(Not ready to have some fun and chat with an AI construct about your company’s future growth? Worried the machines might someday take over? Would you prefer a video answer put together by a human instead? Then click here to use our free video assessment tool instead to get answers.)




DISCLAIMER: this is a free service by an experimental bot, and comes with no warranty. See our TOS for complete conditions.