#photo: of with device, second smartest on the planet. We're going to do a blog post on the AI superintelligence shortly. It's actually significant (from a convergent evolution and AI design point of view) that dolphins, not chimps, are the second smartest animals on the planet. This was an encore version of our earlier dolphin photo. This US Navy dolphin (in the original photo) has what looks like a camera but is described as a
Talk with one of our Ivy League PhD data...
This is a 2005 visualization of the Internet IP addresses (or an Internet map). Its an example of data visualization for a network. #colors #color #colorful #pretty #tech #tree #data #visualization #internet #map Photo: Wikimedia/Matt Britt/The Opte Project/CC-BY-2.5
Internet map: network data visualization...
#Today's #Photo: @IBM Visualization of @Wikipedia data As well the store of #data, it is often difficult to come up with compelling images of different database technologies. This is a of daily Wikipedia edits activity by bot script
A Visualization of Wikipedia Data...
BI Inspiration: Lexus supercar automotiv...
Scoreboards are the business original analytics dashboards. This is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Pylon. #auto #autoracing #racing. #sport #stadium #grey #white #seats #man #blue #sky #clouds #flag #wind #road #race #automobile #car #cars #speed #speedway. Photo credit: Wikimedia/public domain
Data viz: scoreboards as the original an...

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Let’s take another simple example. PM2.5 dust pollution kills 2.1 million people annually according to NASA. It is a problem internationally and in all major US cities. It’s also easily addressed in your home. However, for most people, it’s something they either never think about or assume is already solved. In fact, indoor pollution levels can fluctuate wildly in some homes with dishwasher, shower, or gas appliance use, or just by opening the window. Internet of Things sensors that used to cost $10,000 now cost $5, so of course everyone will have one in their home within a decade. So why aren’t you monitoring you indoor PM2.5 dust levels? We have a demonstration iOS smarthome app for it….

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